UK Tourism and Leisure Market

Working with the UK tourism and leisure sector

Take One works in partnership with tourism businesses to retain and increase visitor numbers by inspiring potential customers with information received from us – as a leaflet or a brochure, on the web, a digital TV screen or in one of our map publications. We distribute over 60 million pieces of literature to a huge range of domestic and international consumers every year, either direct into their hands or to other interested parties like Tourist Information Centres and B&B’s.

We have over 18,000 display opportunities across the UK – including exclusive HD digital at main airports which uniquely combine digital advertising with traditional print display as well as exclusive stands at motorway service stations and Premier Inns.

And we offer other complementary media options with our attractions web-site,, and our popular map publications.

(Group company, BP Travel Marketing, also works with the Travel and Transportation sector. Click here.)

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