Trio of Readicut catalogues launched

Thursday 1st December 2011

Home-craft mail order specialist Readicut has now launched a winter catalogue for each of its three product ranges, the first complete set under new owner Orbital Marketing Services Group.

The Papercraft catalogue, featuring a Christmas section, went out in August and the Knitting and Needlecraft catalogues appeared in November - all mailed via Orbital Mailing.  The three catalogues sported their new look logos with some legacy products dropped and many new items introduced.  Sales are already exceeding expectations.

Orbital acquired Readicut from the Administrator in the summer after it declined under its previous owners.  Orbital’s Response Services division was already handling all the order processing, database, warehousing and fulfilment work so the company has only to add the product and marketing tasks to its portfolio.

Readicut has 60,000 customers who have been active in the last 18 months from a database of 200,000.  Many have already commented positively on the new look and improved product range.  Orbital is ramping up Readicut’s marketing activity as they look to revitalise and grow the well-established brand back to the sales levels it enjoyed several years ago.  Retention activity will be followed by a new customer recruitment campaign.

For further information visit or call 01233 500800.

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