Survey Reveals Positive Attitude to Direct Mail

Tuesday 26th February 2013

Orbital’s education specialist, Jem Education Direct, used their latest ‘Schools’ Temperature Check’ survey to look at schools’ attitudes and reactions to direct marketing from educational resource suppliers.

The on-line survey, which was completed during the last two weeks of February by over 3,000 schools, gives a unique view of how schools’ resource budgets are allocated and how they react to direct mail and e-mail communications from suppliers.

Full details of the survey will be available online soon but here are a few key points from the survey.

  • 47% of teachers have ordered directly after receiving a postal communication.
  • 70% kept the flier for future use and 56% passed the material to a colleague.
  • The key elements of a direct mail piece that will grab attention and prompt an order are:
    • that it includes an attractive offer/discount
    • the benefits are clearly communicated
    • it comes from a recognised brand.
  • 70% of teachers access their emails regularly throughout the day.
  • 85% open the email if it is from a company they know and respect.
  • Nearly 40% of teacher’s access work emails on personal iPhone/iPad/Smartphone.

A parallel survey checked tested the attitudes of educational suppliers to direct marketing and found that 41% use direct mail because it generates the highest level of responses, while 46% use e-mail broadcasting because is the cheapest!

The bottom line from the survey is that direct marketing to schools is very much alive and well and requires the use of all available communication channels, especially direct mail and e-mail. 

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