Jem Education Direct Research Birth Rate Increase on School Budgets

Monday 16th July 2012


Jem Education Direct’s (JED) Schools Temperature Check is a regular research campaign among UK schools designed to test their attitude and reactions to various topics, issues and initiatives faced by the sector. The results of these surveys are made available to JED clients in order to help them shape their own marketing initiatives to schools.

The latest survey (conducted in June) asked UK Primary schools about their attitudes and reactions to the latest £600 million extra funding announced by the Government in order to meet the projected increase in pupil numbers.

A full survey report can be viewed at but the key findings were as follows:

  • 941 state and independent primary schools took part in the survey out to 21,143.
  • The number of independent schools taking part reflected the national picture.
  • 55% of schools expect their roll will increase in 2012-13.
  • Increase in birth rate and greater parental choice two main reasons for increase.
  • 61% respondents expecting to receive at least some extra funding.
  • Increase in teacher workloads and a stretch on available resources were quoted as main adverse impacts of increased pupil roll.
  • Larger class sizes and a resulting loss of ‘intimacy’ were also seen as possible negatives impacts on schools.
  • On the plus side, higher pupil numbers means more funding and a positive reflection on the school’s reputation.
  • Additional staff (teacher and classroom help) and furniture were quoted as the main requirements for dealing with the extra intake.
  • Going forward, the majority of schools see their pupil roll’s continuing to increase up to 2015.

What is clear, given the significant number of schools showing an increase or stability in their pupil roll, that government recognises the need to provide the additional funding that will follow the roll increase as it migrates up the year groups. This is clearly good news for educational suppliers as resources, furniture and equipment expenditure will follow with this.

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