Charities need help too!

Thursday 25th August 2011

And the latest Orbital Group company is here to provide that help.

Having worked successfully with many charities and not-for-profit organisations over the years and, having an understanding of the unique approach charities have in communicating with their supporters, it was a logical progression for the Orbital Group to establish a specialist brand which could “speak their language” and offer dedicated and experienced resources to this sector.

Orbital Charity Dynamics brings together all the Orbital Group's capabilities into one place, offering more than just “general” fulfillment activities.

Their new website, highlights the wide range of services available and uses the terminology and applications specific to charities. Services offered include response and donation processing, storage and fulfillment, mail order management and event support.

Help is available!

The launch of Orbital Charity Dynamics has been supported by a direct mail postcard that has been mailed to movers and shakers in the charity sector. The theme of this is based on the fact that charities offer help to others, however, sometimes they may need help too!

 fulfillment service

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