Survey reveals over 50% of consumers use brochures to book holidays.

Monday 3rd June 2013

BP Travel Marketing Services asked 300 consumers who had recently booked directly with a holiday company about the information sources they used.

More than half used a brochure; the next most popular information source was the internet, with the remainder buying via off-the-page newspaper offers.

Of those who used a brochure, 54% were past customers or enquirers who had received a brochure via direct mail; 25% requested a brochure and 19% collected a copy from a travel agent. 2% acquired their brochure in other ways such as from a friend.

BP’s Steve Martin said; “The results shows the continuing influence of brochures and that information gathering routes and booking channels may be different, underlining the value of a multi-channel marketing approach”.

He continued; “Travel agents may be disappointed to be used as a collection point but brochures are one for the prime reasons people visit their shop, giving them the opportunity to make the booking. Travel agents could also gain additional business from a brochure received directly by a customer where they want assistance to book”.

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